July 23, 2012

Student Spotlight: Jonathan

 There are many talented students at Dundee Community Schools.  Here is a look at some amazing work done by Jonathan.   He is currently going into 8th grade and has a passion for “junk" art, experimenting and assemblages.  I have been so impressed by his work, I just had to share.  He has been updating me over the summer with his creations.  I hope you appreciate them as much as I do.
Above is one of his most recent pieces and my personal favorite!

Last summer at art camp students created junk assemblages. Above is one of Jonathan’s examples.  This is when I learned about his love for creating out of junk.

Below is a picture of Jonathan’s studio space in his basement…
Another great thing I love, is Jonathan documents his art on YouTube.  Check out/subscribe to his channel….

We did ATC’s in art club this year, check out some of his awesome creations…
Some of Jonathan’s Artist Trading Cards
Great work Jonathan, keep it up!

April 2, 2012

Spring Texture Bunnies

In 1st grade students learn about different Elements of Design, one of which is Texture.  Students painted spring bunnies using a sponge painting technique and then added details with oils pastels and paper.  Got to love the cute, fluffy, soft, fury, fuzzy, bunnies. 

100_8170 100_8151
Happy Spring and Happy Easter!
View Bunnies

March 9, 2012

7th Grade "Ugly Dolls"

Inspired by the popular  “Ugly Dolls,” students created their own plush masterpieces.  Then they took their dolls on a tour of the school .  The dolls ended up in many interesting places…..
100_8021 100_7556
100_8052  100_8047
100_8022 100_7827

February 9, 2012

3rd Grade Happenings....

Third graders have been busy learning about the art of different cultures around the world.  Recently we studied origami from Japan and Aboriginal Art of Australia. 
Origami Pictures
We used this website  for lots of origami ideas: http://en.origami-club.com/easy/index.html
Students chose an Australian animal as the focus of their painting.  Next they added dots, inspired by the Aborigines. 

October 17, 2011

Art Fundraiser

Attention Dundee Parents and Students!
Our annual Art Fundraiser has begun. 
Packets have been sent home with students. 
Orders are due no later then October, 28th. 
These keepsake items make great Christmas gifts! 

September 28, 2011

4th Graders Learn about Henri Rousseau...

This week in art 4th graders will be exploring the art of Henri Rousseau.  Rousseau was known for painting pictures of jungles. 

We looked at a Prezi and played with an online jungle making tool.  Check it out and make your own jungle... http://www.nga.gov/kids/zone/jungle.htm

Students if you make a jungle online, print it off and bring it to class for inspiration.  We will be starting our own jungle collages this week!